Arrived or Arriving?

Have you arrived? I know it’s kind of a vague question but I think it’s so important to slow down and answer it. Have you arrived? In your marriage? Career? Education? Parenting? Relationships and friendships? Your walk with God? I was confronted with this question this morning as I spent time with the Lord in 1 Kings 3 + 6. In today’s podcast episode we’re gonna chat about why it’s so important to never truly arrive but rather stay in a place of arriving. This does not mean that we live with the belief that truth is relative or changing. I don’t believe that at all. I believe truth is truth and that Jesus, who declared himself to be the truth, has revealed his truth to us through his word. But it’s more about my perspective on where I am and what I’m doing being impacted in positive ways by what God reveals as truth. To know that we’re on a journey rather than having finished it will keep us teachable and humble to receive God’s truth.

Love you more than you know,

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