Hope for Today

How do we make sense of everything that’s going on? Wars. Mass shootings. Violence. Racism. Pandemics. Hatred. Poverty. Homelessness. Sickness. Death…

How do we make sense of it? And here’s the thing: I’m not sure that we can. But we can find hope in the midst of everything going on in the fact that God is still good. And some who read this while looking at the world may wonder how can God still be good in the midst of everything going on? And that’s such a fair question. But Psalm 73 brings us up close to someone who had the same frustrations when he looked at everything going on around him who then was comforted when he actually went to God with everything he was feeling. May we do the same as we try to make sense of things. And as we do, we just may receive the hope for today that we need.

Love you more than you know,

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